A Moonee Ponds Wellness Offering

Salt Therapy is an ancient practice, proven to relieve congestion and reduce inflammation whilst having a calming effect for deep relaxation.

Our beautiful Adults Salt Room is designed with the elements of nature. Fitted with recliner chairs, ambient salt lamp lighting and peaceful meditation music in a heated room.

Sessions run for 45 minutes, and we encourage clients to switch off from the outside world and focus on their breathing.

Salt therapy assists with respiratory

hygiene and cleansing by helping
dissolve foreign particles and pollutants that can cause breathing obstructions, inflammation and irritations.

Salt therapy can help with many conditions, whether its asthma, hayfever, allergies, COPD, cold and flu, persistent cough, congestion, sleep problems, stress, eczema, psoriasis, skin conditions, and other childhood illnesses like Croup, RSV and all the nasty bugs that children pick up at daycare and school.


We offer an Adult room (13+), with ambient salt lamp lighting, meditation music and recliner chairs. We encourage everyone to use this time to leave their phones and worries behind, drop into the space, listen to the music and focus on their breathing. 


Our Family room is equipped with playmats, bean bags, toys, a TV with access to STAN and fun sensory decorations to keep the kids entertained. Adults can sit in the chairs and relax whilst the little ones play.