Dingo Spender


A Moonee Ponds Wellness Offering

At Moonee Ponds Wellness Centre
our Infrared Saunas and Salt Rooms are equipped with Music Therapy functionalities.

For a customised experience, we have a list of tranquil inducing sounds and music inspired by nature to deepen the treatment experience.

Selected sounds, frequencies and themes are played to help with reaching a balanced vibration level to help maintain a harmonious state of function.


An ARIA award nominated Song Writer. Studied improvisation on Alto Saxophone. Sound Ceremonialist. A 35mm Photographer. Meditator. Multi-instrumentalist. Really into skateboarding, UX designer. A father of 2 sons. Film Score composer. A music producer. Working with a bunch of people around the world. Surfer and dog lover.


Dingo has hosted intimate sound healing journey’s in the salt therapy room. The acoustics of the room create a powerful portal to take you on a 90 minute magical ride through soundscapes and multiple instruments. Spots are strictly limited and sell quickly. Join our mailing list to stay up to date with the next drop of events.