A Moonee Ponds Wellness Offering

Our infrared sauna room is designed and specialised for a healing, tranquil and rejuvenating experience.

Infrared is the transmission of wavelengths of light that reaches the tissue up to an inch and a half, warming the body and opening blood vessels – this process is called “vasodilation.”

Sessions run for 30 mins, with a 15 minute window for changing. Sauna is a spacious 3 person cabin with bluetooth capabilities and we provide essential oils to enhance your experience. 

Please BYO towels. You will need 3. One large one to sit on, one for the floor and a smaller face washer size to wipe down as your sweat. Please BYO water bottle, we have alkaline water here to refill.

Our Sauna cabin is rented out privately, however if you wish to book in with a friend, we can add them to your booking on our end. Please call us on 9375 7767 to arrange this.