Important Health & Safety Information  
Understandably colds and flus can knock us out. We are committed to help you overcome and reduce symptoms of these as quickly as possible and assist with your immunity building regime. If however you are in an infectious period or coming to the tail end of a bout of a cold, flu or other coronavirus variants, then please let us know and we will endeavour to set you up in a private session where possible.
Salt Therapy Rooms
If you fall ill on the day of a session and aren’t quite sure, then out of courtesy we ask that you cancel and reschedule your session, as attending the centre may be the difference of sharing your nasties with others. For general Salt Room etiquette we ask you to refer to our best practice guide here, or request one via email if you have not yet obtained one, or read one at the centre.
Infrared Sauna Therapy 
Infrared Sauna Therapy also requires some best practices. This involves bringing extra clean towels to your session, staying fully hydrated before, during and after your session and bringing personal hygiene items to freshen up after your sauna therapy.
Disability Assistance

If you, your loved one or someone that you are a carer for requires specific assistance please let us know prior. We are a reasonably wheelchair friendly centre, and are happy to assist further where we can. 

If you have any concerns, we ask that you contact us by phone, email or via social media. 
Phone: (03) 9375 7767
Healthy Regards,
Moonee Ponds Wellness Centre Team