Overcome the illness of cold and flu

Are you having trouble overcoming the illness of cold and flu? It may be time to give yourself a shot or two of salt therapy

Relief is felt.

Give your body the help it requires to fend against flus and colds.

Over the course of many weeks, many of our clients find relief from congestion and the common cold with regular salt therapy.

To strengthen their health and immune systems, some of our clients even plan for routine visits prior to the cold and flu season, as well as the back-to-school and daycare season.

It’s the wise move toward improving your family’s health.

How salt treatment relieves symptoms of flus and colds Congested airways are intended to be relieved with salt therapy. The inhalation of salt thins mucous and reduces its stickiness. It is therefore simpler to remove.

The normal cilia action in your body is also subtly stimulated by dry salt particles. Cilia assist in keeping debris and mucus out of our sinuses. However, this process is accelerated when you breathe in salt.

As a result, there are fewer harmful microorganisms and less traffic.


Further details regarding the flus and colds

An upper respiratory tract viral infectious illness is what causes the common cold. Hundreds of different viruses can cause it. A viral infection that primarily affects the nose, throat, and occasionally the lungs is called the flu.

Fever, runny nose, sore throat, and cough are among the symptoms. Maintaining good hygiene can help stop the spread of the flu and cold, especially after sneezing and coughing.

You can consult your general practitioner (GP) or visit the Health Direct website to learn more about colds and flu.