Dry Salt Therapy, also referred to as ‘Halo-Therapy and ‘Speleo-Therapy’ is an ancient natural respiratory therapy first discovered in salt mines.

We use Pharmaceutical Grade salt in a cosy clean environment. The tiny salt particles are ground up and dispersed through the room, allowing you to breathe them in and rest on your skin. The salt clears congestion and reduces inflammation whilst helping you drop into a deep state of relaxation.

Used as a standalone or combination therapy, Dry Salt Therapy has the benefits to help alleviate numerous respiratory based and dermal conditions.


We also offer Infrared Sauna therapy, a great way to soothe aching muscles, sweat out toxins, improve your cardiovascular health, reduce the likelihood of diabetes, improve skin tone and will leave you feeling brand new. 

Sleep & Snoring

Eczema & Psoriasis


Cold & Flu

Hay Fever & Allegies


Stress & anxiety

Sports performance


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